Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quick Jaunt to NYC

Took a quick jaunt to NYC this weekend. Intended on hitting several flea markets. Instead we spent most of our time waiting for subway delays. But, we did make it to Hell's Kitchen and stopped in on their flea. We were greated by this adorable baby devil at the entry. He was huge! The flea, itself, was very small but it had alot of great vintage clothes and shoes. We headed to ABC carpet where my sis bought a rug. Then ran across the street to ABC Home. Gorgeous!!!

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

ABC Home
Ahhhh...the mother ship!


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  2. Sign me up for the next trip! Looks like a fun day ... would LOVE to see ABC home! Thanks for sharing so many great pics and taking us along on your trip!

    Home Sweet Cottage Home

  3. That would be a fun trip!


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