Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Changing Times

This is a bit of a reflective post.....we're undergoing some changes at the shop...hopefully they will all be for the best. Still, it's hard sometimes to accept change when it comes.....Like seasons, things change and we adapt and if we're smart we reflect and take what we need from it all and make the very best of it. So here's my ode to change and the seasons........ So, it's 90 degrees, Summer: hot, muggy, sluggish, buggy, bad hair....now the silver lining....pretty pitcher of lemonade, friends around relaxing on the deck or beach, thumbing through magazines, exchanging decorating ideas, crickets and tree frogs, fireflies, summer vacation.....
Spring: Rainy, windy, inconsistent temps., what to wear? sandals or shoes, capris or pants....silver lining: New life, fresh starts, sunlight out of the dulldrums, more daylight, flea markets, garage sales, flowers, flowers and more flowers.....are you beginning to pick up a theme here?

Winter: bitter cold, gray skies, bulky coats when your at the grocery store or trying to drive, no flea markets, no garage sales....silver lining: crisp, quiet snowfall, Christmas, family time, cozy sheets and blankets, "yeah" I can wear my Uggs.

Fall: back to school, raking leaves, allergies, closing up the house, keeping the windows shut....silver lining: back to school, raking leaves, cracking the windows at night for a cool breeze, Halloween, sitting around the fire in the back yard with the kiddles and hubby.........
So, for all life's changes there are silver linings....you just have to find 'em.

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  1. From one Jersey girl to the next..I love your silver linings!
    I love to embrace how the seasons change. A very pretty blog.


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