Thursday, July 30, 2009

Auction Auction We Want Auction a-u-c.......

My summer started out with a bang. My son broke his ankle and had extensive surgery and hospital stay (he's fine now). So, being held up in a hospital room with my baby boy(who is 15) there wasn't a whole lot to do. Luckily the hospital had wifi so while he slept I could cruise around on the computer. I was on facebook and up popped an old friend from grade school. We struck up a convo. chatted about our various kids, spouses etc.. and lo and behold he OWNS an auction house, I own a vintage shop! Well his auction is only about an hour from me. So, my hubby and I checked it out last night.....boy am I soooo glad we did! I have a new favorite spot!

Be still my vintage obsessed heart! My heart raced so fast when I bid on this ....I could feel my heart leaping out of my chest. Yay! sold # 259! hoo ha! pink iron bed comes home with me and is simply to die for!!
Wow! What a great night. I got to see an old friend and get some really cool STUFF!
Here's a sample of the goods that I got with a whole lot more that I didn't take pics of. You can see them when they're done.....tee hee! the whole set how cool!

Pretty pink velvet stool!

...hmmmm not sure what to do with this any ideas?

Gorgeous french chair...I think I'm keeping this one!

....and here's Gary, had to chase him down for this pic. Awesome caller! super fast and professional...the deals were awesome!


  1. Your Mother was in my shop today...maybe some day I will get to meet you :-) Love the stash...must have been a fun auction...

  2. Please do tell where his auction is (you can email me if you don't want to broadcast it).I love auctions. And don't worry, I already have plenty of furniture so I won't scoop your spot. I met you at the Handmade Faire, on the playground. Can't wait to visit your shop.


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