Tuesday, July 14, 2009


All I did (I swear) was leaf through the pages of last months Somerset Studio and holy printer's drawer,my mind became obsessed! Wow, what a great idea, for those old type drawers hanging around from the primitive days of collecting. Gathering dust and just never really being an inspiration but hey, they were cheap and "I can do something with that someday". Then it really begins, lying in bed designing my own.

It's one of those jags where....everything goes by the wayside, you're inspired and then you gotta let loose. Next I become manic, riffling through boxes, scavaging in the attic, studio, back porch, shed even "the man's" stuff in the basement, until you find what you're looking for. Although you don't know what it is you're actually after, until you find it. So, I collected pieces of my collections, sat at the kitchen table and didn't move for 48 hours! Arranging, rearranging!
Vintage, chippy, cluttered, eclectic and a bit confusing....alot like me...............

Before I knew it each box was filled with a little bit about my gypsy soul and who I am.....when all was said and done it became an extremely meaningful piece that I will treasure.
Many thanks to Lynne Paerrella and her gorgeous type drawer in Somerset Studio magazine...


  1. marvelous! love your combinations and the shabby chic white...

  2. GASP

    just discovered your amazing blog (!!!) through your amazing etsy shop!!! i visit southern NJ a few times a year and will add your shop to my shopping tour de force list!


  3. Simply "GORGE" darlin' ... you're onto something BIG ... I can feel it in my Gypsy bones!

  4. hello beth! i wish i could have met you yestereday, but i'm sure we'll meet soon. i also, gasped at lynn perrela's drawers and immediately wanted to make some. i have a few gesso'd and waiting for me to fill them up. i've been collecting some things from outside to put in one of them. your boxes are beautiful - nice work! talk to you soon,

  5. i have two printers drawers sitting in my basement right now waiting for inspiration...thanks for providing it...this is simply stunning!!!

  6. Wow! That is fantastic! Love your assortment of this and that...and all arranged so perfectly (well worth the time you spent). Simply lovely!

    I feel inspired to dig out my old drawer too..now where in the heck did I stash THAT?......
    Smiles, Karen

  7. I feel Gypsy love -great filled box how creative! XXX


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