Monday, August 3, 2009

Feelin' The Etsy Love!

I just want to give a big Gypsy Thank you to 3 awesome bloggers.We were featured on all three blogs this week and feeling very honored!

First up Sweet Harvey. Sweet Harvey is a small design studio specializing in letterpress printing and original illustration. Combining modern illustration with vintage printing techniques to create a truly unique product for you. Check out her new etsy shop site it's truly fabulous!
Thanks Brandi!

Next we were honored by a feature on Kellyssimas fantastic blog. She has amazing jewelry. Kelly's designs are kellyssima (very Kelly). They reflect the passion she has for the romantic art, architecture, and fashion from the late 1800's. Check it out, her work is goreous! Thanks Kelly!

We also had another very cool feature by Andria of etsy lounge. Awesome blog filled with Andria's compilations of unique etsy finds. She has such a flair for putting together the most amazing items. Thanks Andria!

((Gypsy Hugs))


  1. Wow, that piece is a real hit! You should be selling that one off right quickly! That is so cool that we all picked the same piece at the same time! Thanks for the love back - your work is amazing! I plan to feature you again once I do a little more marketing and get a little more traffic on my blog!


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