Saturday, August 22, 2009

Soldering 101

Road trip to solder...sounds like a movie title. You know how those great road trip movies get started. Someone comes up with an idea, someone says, "yeah let's do it" and next thing you know your on your way. However, Jill and I weren't going to a KISS concert or running from the law, or on a mission from god, or trying to find our stolen bicyle we were going up north to learn to solder and meet Ms. Kecia . So, it's 90 degrees, early morning and we're loaded with coffee from Dunkin Donuts and we hit the road. Our car suddenly veers off an exit and we land at the flea market for a quick shot of stuff...loaded up, ran to the car and kept heading North. Finally we arrived jazzed and ready to be inspired. Our gracious host/instructor met us with a warm gypsy welcome.
Entering the classroom we were met by our tablemates Holly and Abbie. Every place was set and personalized with our own initial scrabble tile and grab bag of goodies and a personal notebook to scribble down the secrets we'll learn throughout the day.

After a quick tour of Kecia's amazingly inspired home and incredible gardens we got right down to business. She instructed us with detailed information as well as personal tips and tricks and a wealth of information only a seasoned artist like herself could have to share.

Although the day was filled with laugh-out-loud ruckus and new friends we learned a serious amount of information.

Kecia's class was so worth the trip I would so recommend it to anyone! Check out her blog for more info. on her classes....

Needless to say the next day was a hunt for soldering supplies....oh, no! another obsession! Turns out my hubby has 5 soldering irons of various sizes and a huge supply of solder and flux he was willing to share. Who knew? So he gave me a few much needed supplies so I could stop obsessing and make something! 24 hours later I finished my first little project !!!!

I need alot of practice but I can't wait for the challenge to try again! I gotta get these ideas out of my head and into my hands! Don't know if this is the end of the road trip or just the beginning of one....hmmmmmm?


  1. Holy Cow! If that is the quality of your FIRST endeavor - I can't wait to see more! Kudos, Bethie!

  2. that's so great that the hubby had some soldering supplies! i'm glad you finished your project. i like the added "B" at the bottom. nice job!

  3. I'm really into your bird's nest ...
    Nice work!! Fun day!


  4. What a wonderful job you did your first time out!! This last couple of days I've read a couple of blogs that had people learning how to solder but you seem to be the only one who has tackled their first solo solder. Say that five times fast!! : ) Best of luck to you with your new endeavor. : )

    ~ Wendy


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