Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Smile Your On Candid Camera

Now, say "Cheese!". Scored a great load of vintage cameras the other day. It really kinda got me thinking....how many souls were photographed with these? Think about it, so many years and so much history...if they could only talk. I also finished painting one of my finds from the auction last month. Can you see the theme evolving...must be getting close to my favorite time of the year.....


  1. the cameras are gorgeous! and you are right - so many lives were viewed through those lenses!

  2. I get chills every time I go through vintage photos!

    Love the dresser - the black is so elegant and sophisticated! Yet the soft lines give it warmth!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Can't wait till Wood Street Fair this Saturday! Are you ready?????????????

  4. i love how the dresser turned out. i checked out your etsy shop, and what a wonderful place! i am going to include one of your furniture pieces on my blogs "Wednesday Wish List". your blog is also one of my new favs!

    lani :)


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