Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween VBF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy VBF!!!!!!! ....and Happy Halloween.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a little behind on the VBF post but I think it's well worth it I had to share my favorite vintage Halloween goodies.
This is my absoulute fav. vintage witch hat.  I stewed and stewed over buying it when I found it but just couldn't resist.  It's an old prop from a play...handmade in all it's vintage glory. So I went back to the vendor and bought it....I grinned and giggled all the way home from the flea market.  You know that grin, the. " I can't believe I found the coolest thing, at the fleamarket", grin?

......another totally cool vintage halloween witchy item is this great  witch's shoe. I like to think that she lost it as she flew off at midnight on her broom before turning back into a pumpkin. other two black vintage witchy items are my prized vintage ledger book and a Victorian era black cape. Black beads and lace embellish this beautiful embossed cape.  Have a wonderful Halloween weekend and a fabulous VBF!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. If I was giving out an award your post this VBF would win! ALTHOUGH Jill's post is pretty cool too! :)

    WOW, what absolutely wonderfuly VBF Halloween treasures!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that witch's shoe!


  2. So ... where did you drop the other shoe? ... hee-hee

    Terrific finds for a Halloween VBF!!

    Happy Halloweenie!!
    Speaking of Halloweanies, did you know your Mother told me a dirty witch joke a few weeks ago? too funny!!


  3. Fabulous finds! Happy Halloween! ~ Angela

  4. Is that hat felt? So great. I like your cherub decked out for Halloween!

  5. Oh what a cool witches hat..and the shoe is perfect for halloween. Great finds...


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