Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And so it begins...

Well just this summer my lovely daughter ventured out into her own apartment. Although I miss her soooo much...I am so proud of her independence! She has the most adorable apartment that she's made into a home for her and her furry son "Spike".  The most adorable grand puppy ever!

Now did I mention I'm left home with two and a 1/2 men...one 15yr old one 51 yr old  and one furry and four legged....I am all alone in a sea of testosterone! How is it that dinner converstation now only consists of grunts groans and one word answers?    The problem is that I have no one left at home that gets my vintage grirly brain...oh well, I've got a plan! You know what they say when life gives you lemons...we'll this is gonna be a bit more complicated than lemonade but here it goes.....new studio!  Perfect get away, vintage ,creative inspirational ,serene and totally desingned and created by me...no compromise with the guys...me me me all the way... I just can't wait!

.....since my darling daughter moved away I now have and entire 3rd floor attic with two rooms....hmmmm might I say EMPTY! Can't wait to paint the walls and paint the floor and load it up with vintage treasures and finds. And alll my stuff that I have stashed in every nook and cranny of this old house.

At this point my scrunchy little studio is in my son's old baby room. The room I think could actually be a walk in closet..so I'm in there old red wall, ikea shade and all. Not quite the inspirational space I've always dreamed of...well at least not 'til now...so here are a few shots of the "now" studio...and a few shots of the soon to be new studio/stock and shipping room in all it' "before" glory....as you can see there's quite a bit of work to do...this 125yr old house is never easy to renovate...hopefully this will be smooth as gypsy silk.....


  1. You lucky girl! Such potential for an utterly foofy space and plenty of room for creative organization. 125 year old house? Such inspiration must just come from the house alone! Have fun, and look forward to seeing your progress! ~ Angela

  2. With your talent I know this is going to be one AMAZING creative space!! ... and I WILL be over to play ... plenty of "girly time"!

    Can't wait to watch the show!


  3. No matter what you do, no matter how much work is needed, you are a true dream follower, so I KNOW that this new adventure in your life will be like you, unique and oh so wonderful!!! Good Luck!

  4. I am so jealous! Best of luck to you!

  5. that's an awesome studio beth!


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