Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Benefit Day

This weekend Gypsy Fish will be having a benefit day!  I have a friend who is battling a rare form of cancer one of which I can't pronounce or even spell for that matter. Without getting on my soapbox I must say that our health care system seems to always want to fail when we need it most.  Denise is fighting for her life so why should she have to waste her precious energy fighting the insurance company?  Which brings me to the benefit, in order to help relieve some of Denise's expenses Gypsy Fish has decided to donate a percentage of all our sales on Saturday November 14 to help her out with the mounting medical bills so she can concentrate on her recovery .  To add to the day we will be having one of our favorite card readers in attendance for the whole day 12-5....she will be donating her proceeds as well. Come and shop with a cause...
Saturday November 14, 2009
Gyspy Fish
600 Main sT.
Riverton NJ


  1. Truly hope that things will work out for your friend..Good luck on the day...hope you have lots of customers.

  2. Hi Beth, what a wonderful plan you have for Saturday, Hope you have a fabulous day, and the stairs and room certainly are an inspiring canvas to work with. Can't wait to see what you will be doing with that wonderful space. Love the color!

  3. Good for you, this is a wonderful thing you are doing! I hope you have an amazing turnout on Saturday!

    :) T

  4. I hope you have a hugh response on Saturday. Quite right about your friend battling insurance companies. Hopefully that will change soon. Wishing you success.


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