Monday, November 9, 2009

First Coat of Paint....

After tearing up the rug from the floor and with a little resistance from the man we tore up the rug from the steps as well...ughh ,why, why do they think they know better?Well we entered the second phase of our "redo". 

First coat is done second coat is today!!!!  I picked a slightly grey, lavender called
Cloudy Dream (Benjamin Moore, only Benjamin Moore) So here's the result....of just one coat.

I never realized how incredibly bright and sunny that room is....I can't wait to start creating up there. Thanks for taking a peek and letting me share this fun adventure with you.


  1. So cliche, but so true ... WHAT A DIFFERENCE A COAT OF PAINT CAN DO!! ... it's lookin' good already, and this is just the beginning! Amazing!


  2. Absolutely dreamy! That space is going to be your favorite. What a beautiful place to work and daydream ~ Angela


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