Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy VBF!

Hello all...just a short vintage black friday post this week...two of my favorite chairs...Victorian Yard least that's what the man, who chased me down at the flea market wanting to know how much I paid for them, said. Not the greatest pics, would have rather set them out in my beautifully manacured yard, the one with the sprawling rose gardens and the smell of sweet lavender as you brush down the winding paths of foliage. But, alas its cold and the yard is bare.  Can you tell I live in my head alot ......ha ha .... Happy VBF!


  1. Happy Vintage Black Friday to you!!! Love the chairs...julie

  2. Hi Beth, oooohhhh, I love these, they are so romantic and fun! Have a great VBF!

  3. I really love those chairs! They are gorgeous! Those Victorians really knew how to decorate the outside, didn't they?

  4. Clever VBF post ... how did you come up with the idea ; ) ... these chairs were the best ... too bad you didn't keep them ... we could be sipping tea in that fabulous garden of yours this spring ... happy vbf!


  5. Fabulous chairs!!! Have a super VBF!


  6. Those chairs are spectacular!! Great find and they will look fantastic once the weather cooperates!! Happy VBF !! xOxO Nerina :)

  7. Ohhh I would have chased you down
    Beautiful chairs!!!

    Happy VBB and Happy Friday the 13th...

  8. I would have chased after you for those chairs too.

    A few of us web shop owners are having a Black Friday Flea market.....on my flea market blog.

    Would love to have you join. We are pulling out our flea market aprons and promoting our shops and each other!

    details on my blog

  9. i would have chased you down too...maybe tackled you for those chairs! *wink* beautiful!!!


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