Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Stuff!

I've revamped and rearranged Gypsy Fish Studio's etsy shop.  Really need to share all the goodies I have stashed away. Time to let them go.....only makes room for more shhhhhhh! don't tell the man!
unique gifts and accessories

One of a kind jewelry.....

new catagories.....you know...it's all in the details......

Take a look around and see what's new...enjoy!


  1. Hi..just a reminder~I need your apron pic. I just purchased a BIG ad...well big, because this gal has a super popular site.

    I will have details on my blog in the morning.
    Off to browse your shop :)

  2. it's so funny that you said that about sharing, because just last night i was posting some things and finding it hard to "let go"! love the pictures.

  3. I'm enjoying my visit here.

    Barbara jean


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