Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Save the date.....

Save the date......January 3rd. I'm having a blog party....time to reciprocate to all of you who put your time,
energy and creativity into the wonderful parties you host! 
To get the New Year started and to pass away the winter blues.....let's don our sumptuous silver!
 On Sundays show off your glittered, glitzed, glammed, tarnished, shiny, treasured or freshly found silver treasures....ending in a spectacular silver giveaway! 
MORE DETAILS on HOW TO JOIN IN THE FUN will be available mid DECEMBER......
so, Save the date!


  1. Silver Sunday sounds like lots of fun...count me in!!! Should I post your button on my blog?

  2. Hi Beth!!

    I'm in!!! I'll post the button on my blog!



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