Sunday, November 22, 2009

Studio Update

Stage 3.......

.....well, things are moving along with the studio renovations. Everything fit upstairs hooray! I was so  worried that the twisting turning stairs leading to the third floor would give me and my guys a hard time.
So, its all in, thanks to my hard working mover guys, aka son and friends....  Now that I've got the bones in place and am getting a feel for the room it's time to paint and distress.

Here's a shot of my inspiration colors sans black but, of course that will be thrown in wherever possible..
 I'm liking the zinc steel colored distressed box. bling of silver and the softness of antique lace.....

so here's what I have to work with and here's my pallet ...any ideas I would love to hear from you
Me, I'm thinking. paint the old oak curio to imitate the zinc-y metal colors of my steel box, distress to see the wood through and load it up with goodies....Paint and distress the legs of the setee, leave the dresser the way, I've been hanging onto it for 2 years waiting for the perfect spot....I love love love this chest, check out the hardware!
That brings me to my work's really a quite beautiful Jacobean style table but it needs a little funk!..any ideas?
I would love to hear from you.....thanks for reading my ramblings...have a wonderful week!


  1. It is all coming together so nicely, and quickly! The table is divine. Adore the old oak cabinet with its patina. Perhaps you could treat the interior with a coat of white. I am not a purist, but the patina is just so lovely it might be difficult to cover it all, so perhaps mix it up and leave some of the original oak exposed. Maybe the same idea with the table. The detail is just divine. So exciting to watch you progress with your special space! ~ Angela

  2. I know your studio is going to be what you are working with sooo far.

    Stop by my post is up with you and all the girls in our aprons!

  3. I just love your blog! Your photography is spectacular and eye for it even better! Thanks for sharing your studio - I look forward to seeing more!!


  4. What great pieces you have for your studio... I'm afraid that I don't have any advice for you, I tend to change my mind too frequently! Trust your gut instincts. You have a great eye, your work is fabulous!

    Can't wait to see what you decide!


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