Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here's the key...make a list it really works.......

When I realized the date today I almost fainted! ONLY 10 days left,...I'm just not ready! So I sat down and made my own list tonight....no, not a naughty or nice list but a BIG FAT GINORMOUS "to do" list.  Hmmm...although it's a whole page long maybe, it's not so bad when you break it down. Of course I added strange things like, have salad for lunch tomorrow, dump the old potatos that are growing things in the cabinet, put away my laundry,put a turkey breast in the crock pot at 8am, make another list for Christmas Eve dinner.....do you believe I have to make a list for that stuff? I do! but when I simply  throw away the old potatos instead of thinking about throwing them away everytime I open the cabinet,  I get to scratch it off the list and that feels really good. So to all my harried and busy friends...just make a list and be sure to put some really dumb easy things on it....the list fairy will be very proud of you as you scribble off,one by one, each and every little thing. Then, before you know it....you'll be finished and enjoying a BIG, FAT, GINORMOUS glass of red wine on Christmas eve!...I'm off to toss out potatos!

PS Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends,Check out my etsy shop and  please enjoy free shipping until Dec. 20th on anything under $20 if you mention my blog in a convo when you buy..Merry Christmas and thanks for reading the ramblings from my head.......


  1. I am going to make a list but I keep adding to it and the little calender counters are stressing me out!
    I will just have to send things and say happy after Christmas!
    I love some of your works you have, is it selfish to shop for myself instead of the people on my list?
    Oh dear....so many pretty things!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Pretty bottle! And, yes, there is something to be said for the written word. Put it on paper and it quits swimming around in your head. Oh, nothing like rotten taters. ~ Angela


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