Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the winner is........

Congratulations !!!!....'re the lucky winner of the Silver Sunday Giveaway!!!
You're a tried and true Silver Sunday Sista....thank you so much for your participation and creative and unique contributions to Silver Sunday!

Season One was so inspirational and I thank each and everyone of you who participated...

Now, everybody let's get ready for season 2 and get this party started!!!!!!
I wish I has some silver valentine hearts but alas...I've been crazy busy  finding a winner for the SS giveaway
so this is my Silver Sunday post.....and Happy Valentines Day

his silly glittered castle is our Valentines's Day Castle. The kids and I made it years ago during a snow storm. I think cupid and the Valentine fairy live here.
I try to bring it out every's getting a little worse from wear...perhaps I need to call Castle Windows and Siding to fix it up  with a  fresh coat of silver glitter.....see you next month!


  1. Hello Beth...

    A big, hearty Congratulations to Angela for being the lucky recipient of your fabulous silver gift giveaway!

    Well my dear lady, I love your little silvery castle! I bet you and the kids had a blast making it...such a sweet memory maker!!! Thank you for sharing it with us today! I'm soooo happy that you decided to do a season two of Silver Sunday! Am I understanding this correctly...that SS will now be held the second Sunday of every month? Yeeehawww!!! I love silver!!!

    Have a fabulous Valentine's Day, my friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Love the silver castle! I do have some silver hearts, but alas I didn't have the time to photograph them properly. But hyacinths in my antique silver fern pot seemed appropriate for a valentine. Thanks again for hosting this wonderful party. And a big congratulations to Angela. Filigree Moon is a fun place to visit. Don't you just love the name?
    Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Sarah

  3. Congratulations to Angela!! and thanks Beth for continuing to host this fun event! Love your castle.. what creativeness ensues in a snow storm and how wonderful you and your kids made this together.. I'm sure it is treasured. have a great Valentine's Day .. Julie

  4. Congratulations, Angela! Happy Silver Sunday, Beth. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

  5. I love your silver castle! What a creative thing to do with your kids. I bet they love to see it each year. I'm sure it holds special memories for all of you.

  6. Congrats to Angela! This was such a fun party and I'm so glad we are going to continue! I'll be back next month with a Silver Sunday post!
    Love the castle, how sweet a memory is that!

  7. Darling silver castle, and it makes for great Valentine decor! Thanks, as always, for hosting silver sunday, it's my favorite!

  8. Congrats Angela... and thanks Beth for all your work!

  9. Great job on the castle - I'm impressed!

  10. yeah for Angela, you lucky thing you. And thanks for a fabulous Silver Sunday Beth. And Happy Valentines.

  11. Congrats to the winner of your wonderful giveaway. This is my first Silver Sunday, so I hope I did it correctly. I did notice I did not put my name on it, but that's okay. McLinky is new to me.
    I just love all of the shiny silver. Thanks for hosting a wonderful meme.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  12. Congrats to Angela!!

    i love your little castle! It is absolutely adorable. and the memory of making it makes even more regal!

  13. Congratulations Angela! Enjoy your gorgeous silver gifts!

    Beth, what an adorable little castle and what a great way to get the kids involved in Valentine's Day. How special it must be to pull it out every year!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Silver Sunday!

    Happy Valentine's Day too!


  14. Lucky Angela! Congrats to her! Love that silver castle, Beth. It is one of a kind..Happy Valentine's Day!...Christine

  15. That castle is so cute ~ I seriously save everything the kids make. I need an extra room just to hold it in. Congrats to Angela ~ its a beautiful giveaway. YAY!!! Silver Sunday season deux

  16. Eeeeekkkk! I'm sure you just made my day, Beth! I'm late in tuning in today and so over the Filigree Moon excited to win your Silver Sunday giveaway! I have enjoyed the soiree and look forward to season two. I'll be posting my Silver Sunday sundries on Monday this go around. You are dear to host this party, and as all can see, it is THE party to attend! Thank you so much, Beth. Happy Valentine's Day too. Your Cupid's castle is a precious and clever treasure, love that it was created by you and your little ones. ~ Angela

  17. Love the Silver Castle, What Memories it will Hold for Years to come for You & Your Kids.... also Congrats Angela, That is an amazing Prize~ I am just catching up on all the Silver & Valentine Posts, since I took a Long nap yesterday after having My 3 Grands overnight.... At least I did get My Post completed on time ~ Have Baby Swing, Baby will Swing....
    Have a Wonderful Week

  18. Okay your castle with my suits of armour along with the dagger at Enchanted Bella would make quite a post, all combined. I love the special memory your castle holds for you. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for putting this all together.

  19. What an adorable silver castle! Have a sweet day!

  20. Very cute castle. I am always doing craft projects with my boys. Thanks for sharing


  21. Whow, I like your blog and I'm going to follow
    you. If you will have a look in the mirror ;))
    be my guest.
    Have a nice day,


  22. Adorable castle ~ I'm sure it will only get better and more magical with age! Congrats to your giveaway winner, toO!

    Angelic Accents


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