Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feelin' the Silver Sunday Love

(Happy to Design, Filigree Moon, Faded Charm)

Welcome to the final Silver Sunday (Season One)
This has been such a warm, toasty way to spend the past few cold and chilly weeks of winter!
 I just wanted to share all the love I've felt over the past 6 weeks....this has been huge mountains of fun as well as a pirate sized bounty of silver! I've met so many new bloggy friends. You're all absolutely, positvely amazing and creative! 

(Treasures from the Heeart, Carol Maynard, Mamie Janes, Junk Dreams, Junxtaposition, 52 Flea, Enchaned Bella,)

As I perused through all of your post again trying to snag a few of my personal favs to highlight this wee ( I had a really rough time of it) I ended up with just about every photo posted then my computer began to cough and sputter from so many downloads.. So in a quandry of having to choose (I hate to make these kind of choices...) I ended up asking my Perfect Prince to pick out the ones he liked...(totally impartial right?, as perfect as he is, a 15yr old young man is completely random right?) Well, he had a difficult time as well "mom, they're all silver and pretty cool, just put them all up" Gee, thanks for your help PP. So finally we just closed our eyes and here are my random choices of Silver Sunday Seasnon One!

Please enjoy this recap  and be sure to scroll down for the giveaway details....
(Sweet Nothings,Vintage Blue Studio, Anything Goes Here, My Hearts Ease, I am dreaming of Castles, Blessed Mom Simple Home, Gypsy Brocante, Saving Time in the Kitchen, Being Ruby, My Trinkets, Counting Your Blessings, The Lazy Peacock, Vintage Christine, All Things Home, The Vintage Attic)

(612 Riverside, Bailiwick Designs, Domestic Witch, Embrace Your Bliss, Gracie Jewelry, Hyancinths For the Soul, Lili M's Adventures, Red Felted Heart,)

To earn chances for the Silver Sunday's the (silver) scoop:

1.You will receive 1 chance for every week you participated.

2. Adding to that, 2 more chances if you've become a follower.

3....and wait there's will receive 1 more chance for every comment you've left throughout the party until it's final day on Feb. 7th.
4.  If you couldn't participate but want a chance to win, you can do that too....just become a follower to earn 2 chances....just let me know that you are following and want to redeem your 2 chances.

Oh and the giveaway...hmmm.... I promised it would be succulant silver goodness....without actually revealing which one, here's the final hint..... a few more silver treasure for the lucky winner!

Now, on to Season 2!
Starting next Sunday (the second of the month) Silver Sunday will now be a long running monthly get together...EVERY 2nd Sunday of the month we will bring out our silver whether it be tarnished, polished, old, new, heirlooom, aluminum, pewter, glittered, plated or long as it's get creative and get ready to party! You know, not all that glitters is gold!

Thanks to all of you for making Silver Sunday No.1 a  gleaming,  glowing, shimmering success!
See you next Sunday!

Be sure to check out Vintage Black Fridays hosted by the French Cupboard presented by Jill at Gypsy Brocante....every 1st Friday of the month....bring out  your vintage black goodies and party's show stopping fun...!


  1. YIPPEE! I'm so happy you decided to continue this really, really fun party! It has been so much fun to see everyone's's just amazing to see all the different pieces! Thanks again for hosting!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you are going to make a regular feature of it. I love the photo collages, especially since I got in on the tail end and didn't see everyone's earlier posts.

  3. Thanks, Beth, for a fun party!I had fun!!


  4. I am so glad you are going to continue this once a month. Even though I have only participated a couple of times, I have so enjoyed all of the posts and visiting all of the participants each week. What a fun meme. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  5. Beth~ Silver Sunday has been so much fun, Loved seeing all the Wonderful Silver Treasures & Most important, Meeting so many New Blogging Friends..... Now that it will be a once a month feature, I have New reason to get out & hunt for New Treasures Happy S.S. Weekend to You~

  6. I have so enjoyed this party Beth....I really found out that I do love silver! I will definately be joining in the next one! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  7. Hi Beth
    You're so sweet for not only hosting the event but doing a giveaway also... It's been a blast and personally I've found it a great way to meet new bloggers and push myself to make extra effort with my posts..

    Well I'm not ready yet this week... running behind.. but hopefully will get something up this week before the 7th is over in the land of USA... Thanks again and thanks for putting my image up along with all the other fab images that have entertained us these weeks.. xx Julie

  8. Hi Beth, Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful blogparty! Your idea was just fabulous and I enjoyed the Silver Sundays very much. It's great that you will continue them once a month!

  9. Thank you for these silvery sundays! It's been fabulous!

    m ^..^

  10. What????? No barbed wire??? ;).

    I love Silver Sundays and am so excited it's going to continue. I'll be there with silver bells on my toes!

    xo Lynn

  11. Beth, I have so many other silver posts in mind..thank you so much for continuing this. Your post today is stunning!
    ♥, Susan

  12. Silver Sunday has been so fun! Thanks for hosting! I look forward to joining in again next month!

  13. Hi Beth,
    I have had such a good time participating in Silver Sunday. Your post today is very nice and the highlighted posts are great.


  14. Well, I am late to the party..I loved seeing everyone's silver pieces..I will link up later ..have to get the pics..
    Glad you are doing Part 2...
    It will give me time to dig out and polish some of the things I have hidden away..
    I would love a survey of everyone's favorite silver polish!

  15. Beth, thank you dear friend for hosting such a lovely and fun event. I really enjoyed myself and am inspired by so many talented friends out there. I am still visiting blogs, there were so many!!
    You have done a fantastic job hosting this event!
    Margaret B

  16. Hi Beth...

    Ohhh my...what a fabulous array of silver sweetness! I love all of your gorgeous mosaics, etc. I was just so shocked to see one of my Silver Sunday photos on one of your beautiful mosaics...thank you, Beth...I feel so honored!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed your Silver Sunday party...participating and enjoying all of the beautiful silver of the participants!!! Thank you so much for hosting this party!!! I'm thrilled to see that you will be hosting a season two...yeeeehawwww!!!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  17. So glad your will continue with SS. It's been so fun! I love everyone's post and learned so much about my own silver pieces. Great job!

    Miss Bloomers

  18. Can you imagine being at a yard sale with all this silver? How could you chose? This has been a lot of fun Beth. Thank you for hosting it. Looking forward to continuing this. Happy Silver Sunday.

  19. Beth, these past few weeks have been a blast. I'm so glad you've decided to continue the fun. How sweet of you to host a party and have a give away as well.. you truly are a sweetie.. I'm looking forward to the next party.... hugs ~lynne~

  20. Hi Beth!

    thank you so much for being such a wonderful hostess and for continuing this beautiful party!

    I hope you have a great week!

  21. Beth, I really have enjoyed participating in Silver Sunday's and am excited that we'll still get together every second Sunday of the month. I didn't realize how much silver I had until I started pulling it all out and I've even added to the collection . . . one can never have enough silver!

    Your post today is beautiful . . . love the love photo! LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing who wins your generous give-away . . . keeping my fingers crossed of course!

    Have a beautiful Silver Sunday.


  22. Beth
    Thanks for much for hosting our Silver Sundays. I've really enjoyed revisiting the silver pieces I own...and looking at them in a new light. I'm glad you're going to continue it with once-a-months.
    I'd love to have you visit my blog and enter my two giveaways, too!

  23. Hi Beth!

    So glad you decided to make it a mainstay! I love Silver Sunday! I have participated in 3 SS's. I have left comments on your blog, as well as visited many others (I try to get to all each week, but life usually gets int eh way somewhere into the list). I am also a follower of your blog.

    Thankyou for the opportunity to win some more beautiful silver pieces!

    HAve a wonderful Silver Superbowl Sunday!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  24. Love the mosaics, and I'm delighted that you will be continuing with Silver Sunday parties. I have bits and pieces of silver squirreled away here and there -- this is incentive to dig them out and give them a new shine!

  25. Beth! WOW! Let's hope my feeble brain can remember second silver Sunday! Love your posting and Hosting!
    smiles, alice
    ps I am still trying to get the silver logo up on my blog. Pitiful blogee!

  26. Gosh, Beth, this has just been the most fun! I'm so glad you've decided to extend it to a once a month party. I still have some silver to show! Thanks so much for the work you put into making this Silver Sunday party so lovely. I can't wait for the second Sunday of the month! And you, my dear, have some glorious silver pieces!
    Wonderful Silver Sunday post!
    xoxo...Kathy@Mimi's Garden

  27. The mosaics are lovely. Thanks for hosting this event.

  28. Beth, So glad you are continuing with Silver Sunday, please enter my name, I am a follower.


  29. Beth, thanks again for thinking of this fun meme and for sponsoring it. I'm looking forward to Season Two. I've been out of town, but am going to go downstairs to take a few photos and try to squeak in on this final Season I post. Love the recap with the mosaics. Great job!

  30. Hello Beth, this is my first time to your blog and also to join in on Silver Sunday! What a fun post!

  31. Hi Beth
    I have occasionally peeked out your SS, and have become a follower. Perhaps I will join next time too. Thanks for hostessing.

  32. I am so glad to read that you are going to continue to do this. I just hope I'll be able to remember it. This has been fun, and wow, we also get a chance to win a prize! Thank you for hosting. laurie

  33. Beth, I really enjoy this SS party! You had a great idea! I'll be back again and again to see your beautiful blog and to participate, too! Your mosaics of so many of the pretty pics from others is terrific!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  34. Hi Beth, I am feeling the love! Thank you for the Silver Sunday fun. See you next month. Happy SS


  35. thanks again for hosting ss, and i am so glad you decided to continue. once a month is perfect!!!
    you giveaway sounds fantastic!

  36. Hello Beth, I am new to Silver Sunday, so I am just getting started. It sounds like fun and I have a few pieces. I will try to get ready for next week. I have become a follower.

  37. What a cool idea putting everyones photos into mosaics like that! I'm so glad that you're continuing Silver Sunday. Now I don't feel sad that it's the last one. Thank you for hosting for us!

    Blessings... Polly

  38. Hi there Beth,
    Love that you are letting us continue with this fun party!
    Hope you are having fun with the time you have to create is an adjustment I am sure! Thank you and have a fabulous Silver Sunday!! xOxO Nerina

  39. This has been great fun for me and thank you for hosting this party! How nice that you're going to keep it going once a month! What a pretty pots of succulents!

  40. Ha ha, when I did my first Silver Sunday post I was afraid I'd never be able to show all of my piles of silver, silverplate, jewelry, etc. Now I've gotten the chance with Season 2. Thanks so much! And thank you for mentioning my blog by way of showing my parents' wedding picture (even the top of Dad's head got lopped off!). They made such a handsome couple.

  41. Thanks so much for hosting this! It's been fun searching through all my "stuff"!

  42. Beth, thank you for hosting such a fun party! I have really enjoyed learning about some of the silvers that I had never seen before. I know that you closed your eyes and pointed but I am honored that my champagne bucket made the pics you posted. And then on top of all of the fun you have a giveaway? Lucky us! Theresa

  43. Hi Beth,
    Thank you so much for hosting SS...I am so glad to hear that it will continue on!!! Love your SS re-cap and your son sounds very diplomatic and sweet!! So funny what we put our boys through sometimes, eh. I am always asking mine what they think of some new design venture!!
    Happy SS!

  44. A once a month meme... I may actually be able to keep up with that... I think all your favorites were favorites of mine too! I'm looking forward to joining in on a monthly basis... thanks for creating and hosting such a wonderful meme...

    blessings. Dixie

  45. Great post Beth. Must have taken some time to put together.

    Thanks for hosting - your time and effort are definitely appreciated.


  46. Beth, thatnks for being so faithful in hosting this. It has been fun to see that silver is not only a thing of the past, but also a thing that is appreciated today! It's been fun to participate each week. Linda

  47. I'm so glad the party is going to continue although I haven't participated every week. I've had so much fun though. Are you going to make a new button?

  48. Oh My Gosh.
    I totally wrote my post last night and then forgot to post it.
    Glad it was not too late.

    I would love to be entered in the giveaway, and so glad you have decided to go on with the silver days.


    barbara jean

    Hmmm, may have to go find some more silver. may be about out. =00)

  49. I did it! my first entry, boy was that fun! a bit late on Sunday and added the button with a link to your blog today. Also became a follower of your so cool blog, please enter me in your wonderful giveway...


  50. Beth, I am such a dolt! I set up my post to post automatically, and commented on this one late Saturday night. Then I went and forgot to add myself to the McLinky yesterday! LOL. So I just put me on the list. Oh well, gave me a chance to peruse the list and see some I had missed.

  51. Hi Beth, thanks for hosting the first series of this fun event! Unfortunately I will not be able to join next week and next month neither. But I will try to visit all these cool glittery ladies and yourself in due course. Have fun with this follow up too!

  52. What a wonderful post... and I spy a a bit of my silver there.

    This has been so much fun I have loved getting my Silver Sunday posts together. to continue once a month is perfect. I plan to be there!

  53. I missed out on Season One of Silver Sunday, but I am now a follower and I am proudly displaying the new Season Two S.S. button over at Blue Creek Home. I am looking forward to joining in the fun!!

  54. I am new to the give away thing... but I am a follower. I found the Vintage Black Friday group through your post:) Hope this enters me in this lovely give a way...I love silver and succulents!


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