Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ok so maybe I've got the Spring cleaning bug a little early or maybe it 's just cabin fever....who knows but I definetly took advantage of 2 snow days last week and now, surprise 3 more days off this week Love wearing contacts but not loving it when they scratch my eye.  So with blurred vision and determination I destashed , photographed,revamped and designed a few more pieces of jewelry.
All of these photos are available at my etsy shop in destash lots.

I finally had time to design with my German Doll heads....I just love these! I spent so much time trying to make these lovelies into wearable art keeping it simple yet fun to  I mixed a bit of soldering and wire work...and added a few other vintage elements (yummy chandelier crystals)...

Next step finish my dang studio re-do.....


  1. Sounds like you have gotten a lot done lately! Sorry to hear about the scratched eye. Hope it's healing.
    Love the doll head jewelry. Very cool and unique!

  2. Hi Beth,
    I love the old photos. I have several for sale in my shop at very reasonable prices but they don't sell well. People just don't know what to do with them. Any ideas I can offer my customers?

    Love the jewelry, too!

    Second Hand Chicks

  3. Ok, I'm not a "doll head" kind of person, but those little necklaces are fabulous!!! So cute and I love the "hat" and collar. Really creative.

    You'll feel so much better when the studio is done or re-done. Han in there. I'm in the same process with my office/studio. The mid way process can get exhausting and overwhelming, but once it's done the creative juices can really get moving! You're lucky you have snow to keep you inside. I'm having gorgeous spring weather and it keeps calling me outside, sigh.

    really adorable pictures, thanks.

  4. Oh I love old photos and anything with charlotte's heads! Just too cool!

  5. Sweet post. Glad you are enjoying your snow days. Sunshine here in TX.

  6. Very pretty jewelry. Love it.


  7. I love the little thimbles on the doll heads- so charming!

  8. See snow can be good! You did a super job on those necklaces. Too cute!

  9. love your German heads... they are darling

  10. Lovely new little doll babies you have created, I adore them! ... reminds me of one of my own babies I 'created' ... my daughter, Paige ... thanks for pointing that out to me! ; )



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