Friday, February 5, 2010

Things to put things in......

Happy VBF! Yeah it's back! Check out all the vintage black goodness over at the French Cupboard where Jill and Polly have combined forces to bring VBF back!

I have resurrected one of my previous VBF posts in the spirit of all the packing and unpacking I've been doing since I closed the brick and mortar and moved it home....
 So much to do, so little time. Someone once told me that storage and organization are a virtue..hmmm well, I'll try. So here's my attmept at storage and organization on Vintage Black Friday

I picked up this very cool vintage spice tin with the jars just yesterday. The little black coin purse holds pretty glass moon glow beads. It's kinda cool to see what objects are suited as vessels for all your goodies. What do you store your favorite treasures in? Happy VBF!

{{gypsy hugs}}
PS Don't forget the final episode of Season 1 of SILVER SUNDAY is this week.....if you haven't joined it's never too late to play and get a chance(s) at the final SS giveaway....Season 2 starts next week.


  1. Love your VBF contributions! Isnt' it great for it to be back? I signed up right away - I enjoyed it so much the last time.


  2. Hi Beth I'll have to sign up for VBF. I have enjoyed the SS party and am sad to see it end but I MAY be running out of silver ideas. I love those black lid jars. Did youpaint them or find them tha way?

    Second Hand Chicks

  3. What lovely vintage things~I almost bought a plate (tray) like the flowered one here..One of those, "I'll come back to get it moments, only to realize it's gone and should've bought it when I saw it" kind of moment~

  4. I love the black and will be joining in for the next VBF. This will be fun. I just wanted to take a moment to say that I enjoyed the Silver Sundays and nice to see they are continuing, once a month is a good idea. Have a great day.

  5. Ooh I love all your VBF items, funny how I never really thought I had any silver or black items in my home till you and Jill did these great ideas, now I look around my home and I am surpised at how many of these items I actually have...I love your lil spice jars and their contents, along with that metal black box and that lovely lil boy bebe doll with the suit :) Besos, Rose

  6. I do love your black things, very interesting! I am so excited for SS!!!
    See you then!
    Margaret B

  7. Love all Your Black Friday Items..... I get so excited visiting, like with your Silver Sundays... I now have to dig out My Black~
    Have a Wonderful Weekend ~ See Ya Sunday

  8. Lovely goodies...I love black vintage items!

  9. Love all your vintage goodies, that little bisque doll with the tuxedo is adorable! And the brooch! Thanks so much for doing the Silver Sundays I'll be there tomorrow evening and glad you are keeping it a regular!

  10. Hey Beth, I am so glad to see that VBF is back... I need to go visit Jill and see was she has posted. I am loving all of your things... I need to get on this wagon too :) I hope you have a lovely weekend planned.


  11. HI Beth~ Great vintage items. i just love all your "finds", especially the little dude in the tux. See you Sunday ~ xo D

  12. Your VBF things are so cool. I am liking all that storage. Never enough storage. I am having a hard finding something black and vintage. I don't want to miss this VBF but I might have to. Have a great weekend.


  13. Lovely, Lovely clad to be a new member!

  14. Such pretty things for VBF! I hadn't heard of this before. Hmmm, something else to keep me blogging!! See you Sunday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  15. Love all your things to put things in!!!!

  16. Love all your vintage storage. Organization is something I am always trying to chase down around here. Have a blessed weekend. Tammy

  17. When can I come over for a playdate?? ...did you finish that new studio yet? ... you're such a tease with ALL of your goodies and treasures ... I'm sure you'll be creating a lot "magic" in your new space!

    Thanks for playing VBF,my VBF ... see you tomorrow at SS!



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