Friday, February 19, 2010

Who knew?

When the sky is gray and the air is cold and the days wear on something starts to stir in me....the need to feed the junkin' urge...but alas where do you go? what do you do? Go to the flea, no matter where, no matter what, despite the weather there's one somewhere for die-hards just like me.  I start to him and haw, check the temp, check the weather then that naggin voice whispering "but what if it's a good day and  you miss some really good stuff?" starts to get louder....then scramble mode starts to set in and then you give in in response to the voices in my head I strapped on my boots, put the car in 4 wheel drive donning  a beautiful green wool hat and my crappy glasses (because I can't wear my contacts for a few more days until my eyes are better) I sped off the the flea where I met my best junkin' buddy at the starting gate and off we went. 

We parked in the snow, trudged through mud, put on our gloves, lost our gloves, found our gloves and dug and dug until our hearts after box!

We both ended up with a stash worthy of a beautiful sunny spring day smack dab in the middle of flea season! Here's what I found....
We only squabbled over a few breaking the "wait for me to go to the next spot" rule and Jill "going backwards when I wasnt looking and getting good stuff"rule....but other than that it was muddy fun!


Who knew a puddle filled lot filled with melting snow, soggy boxes, complaining vendors and freezing winds could be so blissfully intoxicating ....oh yeah that's right the voice inside my head knew....


  1. This is just the best kind of fun!! Great finds!!

  2. You are a girl after my heart!! I love all of your finds! I have a favorite thrift store in my hometown that I love to go to. It's the kind of store where you really have to dig around. Nothing is priced but it doesn't matter because no matter how much stuff you take to the counter you aren't going to pay over $10.00 for the lot. Anyway, I got off work early today and made the 45 minute drive in the snow back to the hometown so I could do some thrifting....and wouldn't you know it, they closed early because of the snow!!! No good junk for me today!!
    Glad you got out and found some good stuff.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh & Ahhhhhhhhhhing over your fun!

    Trying to go through last years treasure findings right now...its as much fun as going to an estate sale sometimes! Actually its the yearly antique show tomorrow...can hardly wait.

  4. Oh, what fun! Great finds too. ~ Angela

  5. Wow! Great finds. Good thing you listened to that little voice inside your head. Have a great weekend! :) Tammy

  6. Can you say jealous? i think that sounds like a freezing old time :) you really found some sweet finds... enjoythe rest of your weekend my sweet bloggy friend.


  7. Great finds in the dead of winter!!

  8. Oh you did some amazing finds! Love everything!

  9. geessssss...i'm fleas around here open til spring !!! nice haul !

  10. The trunk is great! Good storage space for small goodies. And the tole tray has great color. Thanks for shareing. Julian

  11. looks like you got some great stuff..

  12. Beautiful goodies! I'm especially taken with that sweet silhouette!! BTW, I'm sure I'll have Silver Withdrawals tomorrow!!

    Happy PS!

    Angelic Accents

  13. Super duper junking finds!

    And guess what?

    Congrats, just e-mail me your mailing address!


  14. I hear those voices too ~ but be somethin' goin' round. I missed it this weekend, but last weekend was great for treasure hunting. At this time of year, its like undiscovered country. The vendors can't believe anyone would want the stuff I look at. Truth be known ~ I caught a few of them giving me the "poor dear has lost some of her marbles" look. :)

  15. Wow how fun is that. Junkin with your best budd how could get any better? wonderful finds!


  16. Ooh, you've got it as bad as I do. I just wrote a similar post about my finds. Now I'm a follower!


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