Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dancing My Way into the Meadow...Happy .VBF!

So I was trying to figure out a Springy and fresh yet black VBF post...not an easy task. Seemed somewhat of an oxymoron but I was determined. So I may not have stayed exactly on topic...but there's a little vintage and a little black.
 So cruising through my stash of photos I found a one of a vintage pair of tap shoes that I have on etsy then it hit me....they look just like the "bee girls" shoes. 
I think she's fresh in my mind because just the other day the "golden boy"
who is 15,  discovered the video....I heard him playing it over and over..."Hey Mom, I really like this song, check it out" he screamed from his room.  I had to crack up! "Uh Ok" (I'll pretend I never heard it a million times before) I think he was enthralled with the plight of the poor Bee Girl.
Do you remember the ""bee girl"
I have to say as  I pondered the her story, and watched the video for the umpteenth time.  I think I can really identify with this sweet little bumble who taps to the beat of her own drummer.  Haven't we all been the bee girl at one time or another?  But, now I think I've finally found my meadow  filled with other dancing bees who celebrate the same passion, creativity and individuality that I do.  
Thanks to you my bloggy friends.....
Now go out and find your meadow!
Happy VBF!
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Gypsy Hugs,


  1. So creative with those great little shoes, and can you imagine that vintage outfit? Maybe not so this post!

  2. Lovely shoes...I too have posted about a dance shoes belonging to a chorus girl. Cute story too.

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Yes, we do all dance to our own drummer. You go Bee Girl! What a great post.

  4. YES!! I have found my meadow as well ... and guess what? You were the first friend there ... thank you.

    Loved this post and great pics to go with it ... I want that bee costume in the last photo!

    Happy VBF ... my VBF!

  5. Always dancing! Love your post. Keep those feet tapping ;))

  6. I have to admit that I have never seen the Bee Girl. I do appreciate someone that taps to the beat of her own drum!!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  7. Lovely photos! Have a great weekend!!

  8. Great VBF post ~ Gotta love the Bee Girl ~ I hear the drums, I'm off to my meadow now ~

  9. What a BEEutiful post today, sorry I just had to write that. Thanks for saying it is okay to "bee" in my own little meadow .... it makes me one Happy Queen Bee. Have a lovely Easter.

  10. this post takes me back, I can't wait until my son discovers music from my younger days.
    Great post

  11. I would have to agree. I feel like I know myself better now than I did at 20 (but I mourn the lost of that 20 year old body -lol). And blogging has brought me out of my shell, helped me figure out what I love, given me security in knowing that there are my kind of artsy-fartsy people in the world. =)

    Blessings... Polly


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