Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Getting Better All the Tiiiiime

Have I told you all lately how much I love being part of the French Cupboard....oh well, in case you haven't figured it out "I REALLY LOVE BEING PART OF THE FRENCH CUPBOARD CREW!"
I've got to say Polly and Steve work so hard to constantly bring their members awesome opportunities and marketing ideas! They must just stay up all night and think of things to help promote all of us, I don't know how they do it.....I think I can hear their wheels churning all the way over her in NJ.
For example just this weekend I got the honor of being featured on the journal.....thanks Polly and Steve!
PS Don't forget the Alice Party this Saturday at the French Cupboard...time to show off our muchness!

 ....and now for something different
Not too long ago I got a wonderful etsy convo. from a wonderful gal named Robin....she actually asked me for an interview .....yes, little ole' me from Gypsy Fish....well, it came out today...she's a contributer to an to  an awesome site aptly named My Vintage Addiction.  Her site has it all...vintage living, vintage wardrobe, vintage pictures...everything VINTAGE, VINTAGE, VINTAGE!  I want to give a big  hug and a thank you to've got to check out this website!

Here's Robins bio.....

Robin Eastwood: Columnist
I’m a treasure hunter and vintage fanatic. I find charm in things that are tattered, worn, and faded. Visit The Fancy Lamb on Etsy to drool over some of my latest finds, and follow me on Twitter to hear about my latest thrifting adventures.
Thanks so much Robin!
Don't forget to check out the Barn Market for more highlights of our first monthly market!
Have a wonderful week!
Gypsy Hugs


  1. Great article Beth...I loved the story of the bench LOL!

  2. Thank you for the information! Off to check out the journal and the Vintage Addiction! Have a great week. ~ Angela


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