Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunny Silver Sunday

Spring glorious Spring! spoiled was I  this past week? While on Spring break from school we were blessed with sweet sunshine and summer temperatures. I got almost all my projects done, but of course as  usual got sidetracked by inspirations for new ones.....I think I'm up to #8962 on the list of inspired projects.   Mr. Fish was off on Thursday so I dragged him to my favorite Thursday haunt .I have to say that he didn't kick and scream as usual...I think the sunshine was working on him as well.  
 ....what a sea of sumptuous silver! Everywhere I turned it was spilling out across the tables....I snagged a few pieces for myself but got so inspired for my Silver Sunday post I started snapping away....

And let's not forget my very own silver fox....check out the beard....silver!
 300th follower giveaway!
I'm going to leave it running and announce the winner on Monday evening so any Silver Sunday Sistas that want to get in on the giveaway can have a chance as well.  I am so grateful to all of you!
When you leave a comment be sure to let me know if you would like to be included in the giveaway.

You'll win a pretty pink toille rosette, fluffy spring doily and a simple "thank you" necklace I designed just for this giveaway....Happy Silver Sunday!
Gypsy Hugs,


  1. Wohoo! congrats on 300 followers~

    Yes, please include me.

  2. Good morning Beth,
    My Silver Sunday post will be up a little later than normal. I still have to get my pictures taken!
    I like the looks of that sale you were much gorgeous silver!

  3. Hi Beth,

    thank you for the possibility to link in early for Silver Sunday, because we have so much time difference (7 hours). As I see you had have your Silver Sunday today. What a nice market. I would love to grap into this silver flatware looking for all the nice patterns. I hope you get a lot of more participants so I will come back towmorrow to develope all the nice things they will show.
    Have a nice time, Johanna

  4. Hi Beth ~ glad you had your post up early, since I will be working later - thru tomorrow..... Love All Your Treasures Hunting Photos~ I can't wait till Our weather gets summer & I start seeing all the Tag Sale Signs ~ My Favorite Flea Market is the 1st weekend of June, so I have a while to wait.... So, Besides Your Handsome, Silver Fox, What Other Treasures Did You Come Home With????
    Have a Wonderful Weekend

  5. I love all the piles-a silver. Oh, the abundance! I had a lucky day thrifting (estate sale-ing) yesterday too.
    Wouldn't mind being entered in the giveaway either.

  6. oooh, all that silver looks scrumptious! I have some new things to show this week, so I guess I'd better get them photographed! ::Jill

  7. Look at all that gorgeous silver! Great photos. Love flea marketing. Please enter me in your drawing and congratulations on your 300th!

  8. Congrats on 300 followers. I think I have entered your giveaway, if not please enter me! I must go take my photos so I can join in Silver Sunday. your photos are wonderful.

  9. Beth, next time Mr. Fish baulks just give me a call. This is just the type of place I'd love to spend my day. Oh, all that glorious silver. Thanks for sharing this fun post and hosting my favorite, Silver Sunday. Enjoy the weekend!

  10. Lovely silver ... but my favorite silver is The Silver Fox~Mr.Fish ... whooo-hooo...a man who 'fleas' .... beat still my heart : )

    Happy Silver Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Fish!!


  11.! I need to go there! What a great way to spend a day.

  12. Hi Beth!

    Oh you had to have been in silver heaven at that flea market! That looks like it was awesome!

  13. wow, were you in heaven or it all...and I am in LOVe with that necklace...please enter me, thanks

  14. Hi Beth:
    What silver abundance you're sharing today. My goodness...all that silverware! Heaven in a spoon!

    I'll be back to post my link, but for now, please enter me in your drawing for the fabulous silver necklace. It's beautiful!


  15. What a sea of silver! Thanks for entering me in your giveaway! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    Retired teacher,
    Joan @ Applejack Lane

  16. That look's like a lot of silver. I like the antique clothes brushes. And the colbolt salts. Have a nice weekend. And Thank You for hosting a great party..Julian

  17. Hi Beth, I have me one of those "silver foxes" too. They're pretty good to have around!! All that silver at the flea made me giddy. Hope you found some great things. Thanks for starting early, love it!
    Please enter me in your sweet 300 give away!!!
    big hugs,

  18. Hi Beth, we have just opened a new store at the Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah. We are a Vintage, Antique and Consignment Shop. We would like to be a part of silver sundays. I would like to grab the button, but I don't know how without the URL code. Please include us in you drawing.


  19. Hi Beth! I've got my silver wall grouping up now ~ in large part due to you!! I was pushed to get it ready for today! I also have a giveaway button linked back to you for the sweet giveaway you have offered ~ and YES YES YES, I'd love to win it! I've got a silver fox, too, that I need to picture sometime, especially after him buying me two trays for SS!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  20. As a confirmed silver-aholic, this post is amazing!

  21. Hi Beth ~ Score!!! You really hit the jackpot. That looks like such a fantastic Flea ~ I wouldn't know which direction to turn. I hope you picked up some great stuff. Thanks again & Happy SS!

  22. Congratulations on so many wonderful things - 300 followers and your monthly barn shows. What fun! Wish I lived a lot closer. Please enter me in your giveaway. What a sweet thank you!

  23. Oh wow! What a feast for the eyes! I would have snagged a lot if I was there. OCngrats on your 300th post, Beth, and please include me in the drawing....Christine

  24. Hi Beth! Thank you so much for having me today-I have done my first ever Silver Sunday post! I am so happy to be joining in.

    Best wishes and congratulations on having 309 followers! I would be so happy if I could join in with your celebrations!


  25. wow - all that beautiful silver is making me drool!
    congrats on 300 followers - i would love to be entered in the drawing!
    thanks for hosting silver sunday!!

  26. Oh my goodness my head would have been spinning at the sight of all of that shiny goodness! Amazing! I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Thanks for the party, Theresa

  27. Wow, Beth, that was a lot of shiny silverness!! Where is that wonderful Thursday haunt? I also like it when my husband accompanies me. Thanks again for Silver Sunday!

  28. I want to have a place like that for a Thursday Jaunt! This past Thursday my mom, my sister, my teenage neice, my teenage son and myself went into Woodfield Mall. I'm not a mall person but they have Anthropologie so I didn't kick and scream *smiles*

    Thanks for sharing all that gorgeous silver! Blessings... Polly (p.s. congrats on 300 followers!)

  29. WOW! That is a lot of shiny silver!

    Glad I made it over today. Would have missed the giveaway.
    Please, Please, enter my name.

    Thanks and Sunday Blessings

    barbara jean

    PS Congratulations on your 300 followers.

  30. Oh my goodness. I am glad I was back checking out Silver Sunday, I had been number 20 on the list but found I was missing. So I signed back in again. I don't want to miss your party it is always a pleasure. I am not sure if I have entered your giveaway, if not would you please include me? Thank you. I love your photos today.

  31. Nice silver stuff! My hubby also has some gray on his face, come to think of it I may also have a few myself.

    Congratulations on so many followers. I know it's a lot of work (but fun work indeed!)


  32. What a beautiful display of silver. Your giveaway is beautiful. I would love to join in! Hope you have a fantastic week!

  33. Looks like a great Sale to hit. I love it when everything is just thrown out on tables and you hav to rummage. Also, I'd love to be added to your giveaway and thanks for doing the Silver Sunday theme.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  34. Congrats on your 300 followers! I feel like I was right there with you on your Thursday I wish there was something like that going on near me! Beautiful giveaway~yes, please include me!

  35. have such a fabulous Thursday trip spot...I am still drooling!! You two gypsies have been hard at work on the Gypsy Barn and it looks terrific!! Please let me bring home that beautiful pink necklace....SWOON !!
    Happy Silver Sunday xOxO Nerina

  36. too crazy busy this month to do silver sunday...but wanted to say hi !!!

  37. Imagine, all that glorious tarnished sparkling silver just waiting for someone to snap it up. Thanks for the photos! Include me in your cute giveaway!

  38. I am so excited for the Gypsy Barn grand opening! Congrats on the 300 followers too! I would love to be included in the giveaway--these photos are spectacular!

  39. Hey there sweet pea,
    eeekkk i love all this vintage eye candy.
    i love old silver.
    so fabulous!!!
    have a great week

  40. I love that sale you went to. Wow! Please count me in on your giveaway. I'm a new follower and have enjoyed your blog very much.

  41. Gasp! All that silver makes my heart pitter patter! I love your post, thank you for sharing!
    P.S. BTW, I saw your Charlotte head necklaces on Etsy and think they're so adorable! Very creative!


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