Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I bought a bike! I bought a bike and it's the "best bike in the whole world"!
See I'm short and beach cruisers are big...what's with that?  Well this little vintage beauty is just right! Actually it is the same type bike I got when I was six and started riding a two wheeler...imagine that...did my legs NOT grow?  When I saw it at the flea I felt just like Pee Wee Herman when he finally found his stolen bike......the angels sang, the spot light shined bright and I just had to have it! 
Now I just need to dig up a cool basket and find a farmers market in biking distance and I'm all set. 
 I did make it to a farmers market this past weekend (but not on my bike)
 where Jill and I did a fab show in Collingswood NJ.  It was huge! Vendors by the tent loads, food,
farmers market, bands, games, more food.....

I wish I had more pics to share but I was so busy ditzying around all over the place, setting up and chatting with all the visitors that wandered into our tent...I just couldn't settle down to take more pics.....maybe if we're lucky Jill will post some of hers...she's much more focused than me(oh, no pun intended)...tee hee!
 Thanks for stopping by....


  1. Love,love,love your blue bike!!!! :)

  2. I love your bike!! I have a bike with a basket and I love it!

  3. Hi Beth! Check out my last post and peak at my bike... we are twinkies! I love my bike too, I always feel like a kid when I ride it. Have fun on yours, Theresa

  4. It looks just like the one I got for Christmas when I was 5. My dad has movies of me riding it and crashing into my next door neighbor's little brick wall. Have fun, and go see the world :-)
    I'm glad the show went well.

  5. You made me laugh Beth! I remember when Pee Wee lost his bike too! I would love to see a close up of the car necklaces if you get a chance - they look amazing!

  6. LOVE the new bike, Beth! The market you did looks wonderful!

  7. Cute little bicycle! Yep, it definitely needs a basket. Enjoy your new ride.

  8. Great bike - lucky you! I've been looking for a used bike but no luck for me yet.

  9. Hi Beth, congratulations to the new bike. I hope you will always have sunshine on your way.
    Greetings, Johanna

  10. Hi Beth,
    I love your bike, I too recently got a new bike... with a sweet basket and a carrier on the back. I hope you have had an awesome week and have fabulous plans for the weekend :)


  11. Sounds like a great Flea market! i love that bike. and the pee wee herman movie too! ( i havent seen it since i was a wee lil' lady) but i remember it fondly. "there is no basement in the Alamo."......"NOOOOOOOOO!" lol


  12. Ha ha, I can picture you riding your bike around the market!!! I love it, I have always wanted one like that!!!! Looks like you will be having a great weekend!
    Margaret B

  13. That bike is sooooooooo pretty! Maybe you'll give it to your little sister when you graduate to a 5 speed. ;-)

  14. Sounds like a great fleamarket... I love all the pictures!!! Congrats on your new bike.

  15. did I miss that Beth?? Collingswood would have been a hop and a skip for me. I did make it to the Ocean Grove flea this weekend though. I think that was the bike I had when I was a great! Enjoy riding it around.

  16. First of all - love the bike. Have one myself and should use it more, but....I can't find a basket big enough to fit all my crap when I go out to the Fleas. Which, by the way, looks like you hit a great one. Glad you had fun.

  17. I do love your "new" blue bike. I have been after Bobby G. to get me a bike so I can ride to the mailbox and back. Out here that would be about a mile. LOL.....Looking forward to Silver Sunday! xoxo

  18. I just love looking at all these vintage treasures. Looking forward to Silver Sunday.


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