Saturday, June 12, 2010

June Silver Sunday!

Welcome to the June edition of Silver Sunday! It's amazing how time is flying by and how quickly the silver mercury is rising with each day as we get closer and closer to my favorite time of year. Summertime!
Not only because I love my summer vacation but because it's flea season! No, not doggy fleas, jukin' fleas!
Being off in the summer enables me to feed my Thursday flea addiction...hooray!
This is just the time of year I start to get a little crazy...time to gather new collections.  Me, like I'm sure of a lot of you, can't just seem to buy one of something.  "You never know when you might need another".  
So here are few of the silver oddments and whimsies I've collected simply because I had to have more than one.
Monopoly hats.....why have one when you can have dozens?
Lovely zinc canning jar lids....yes, I will surely need these some day!
 A dozen sugar bowls and creamers without lids....very important when one has aspirations of making funky pin cushions.
Don't forget to visit all the other silver Sunday posts and Have yourself a wonderful Silver Sunday....


  1. Thanks for hosting this party. I love your collections.

  2. I love all your silver but the Monopoly hats crack me up!!

  3. I love it! Monopoly hats! You are truly a kindred spirit as far as your collecting habits!
    Happy Silver Sunday to you too! I have to come up with something to post!

  4. Now where in the world did you find all those old monopoly hats.....they are fabulous! Happy Silver Sunday Beth. xoxo Lynn

  5. I adore those little Monopoly top hats. Great find! What will you do with them? I'm trying to pull together a post for Silver Sunday. Need to take some photos! ~ Sarah

  6. I am always on the look out for those canning lids!

    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Love all the top hat monopoly pieces! I'm a lover of the shoe myself!!

    One can never EVER have enough silver creamers and sugars!! You are so preaching to the choir today, Beth!

    Love your silvers!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  8. How clever to collect monopoly hats!!! Love it!

  9. How cute is that collection of monopoly hats! You are a girl after my own heart.
    xo, Sherry

  10. Oh cute cute cute! I love your little oddities! I am daydreaming of darling little displays you could do with them.

  11. You have the most fabulous collection of Silver-I have never seen so many monopoly hats!

    Thanks for having me today. Happy Silver Sunday!

    Best wishes,

  12. I love your monopoly hats! And I love Silver Sunday. I've been waiting all month!! Blessings... Polly

  13. i completely agree that dozens of monopoly hats are better than just one. i have the strong urge to start collecting monopoly hats...

  14. Wow! You really do have some great & cool collections. If I ever come across some monopoly hats at the Flea - I know who to send them to:)
    Dee xo

  15. Hi Beth,

    thanks so much for hosting this silver-party, I really enjoy to be part of it.

    And I always enjoy to see, what other persons collect. Isn't that nice - Monopoly hats. We don't have them in Germany, but they look so cute. This type of hat is in Germany also a symbol for luck in the New Year because chimney sweepers used to whear this hats. It is a german superstition that the black chimney sweaper brings luck. So we use this hats as symbold for luck on 31.12. every year. I wish you so much luck as you have Monopoly hats. And thank you for your assistance with my link in.
    Greetings, Johanna

  16. You've got some great silver collections. Thanks so much for hosting this fun party.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  17. I never thought about how cute all those monopoly hats looked clustered together! This is my first Silver Sunday. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Oh those vintage Ball jar tops....such homespun silvery happiness!

  19. Looks like I'm not the only one who loves your Monopoly hats. I was always the hat when we played as kids! Thank you for hosting!

  20. Great collection....Love the whimsy of the Monopoly hats...sounds like I was not alone in smiling when I saw them. Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

  21. Love all your Silver "Oddments" this week. Thank you for having me and your stopping by. jane

  22. Thank you Beth for your visit to olny then leave a sweet comment on my weeds and salt & pepper shakers cottage style.

    I can not wait to get to know you and your blog a little more each time I visit.
    Have a great week dear.

  23. I am enjoying all of the wonderful and creative silver displays. Thank you, Amber Rose

  24. Just love all your collections. It seems like I will collect anything as long as I have 10 or more! Of course, more is always better! LOL Just need a good place to keep them. Any storage ideas?


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