Thursday, July 1, 2010

Car Traveling......

Wow! it's hard to believe it's already been two weeks since school let out...time is a funny thing...I've found that when you dwell on not having enough you're wasting it! In the past two week it's just amazing what I've managed to pack in....simply due to frame of mind. 
It all started with our annual father's day (car)camping trip.  We abandoned this tradition several years ago.... not really sure why.  Well, after this glorious laughter filled weekend the tradition is back!!!! We camped in Maryland at the state park with the Chesapeake on one side and Elk River on the other....beautiful green and lush and oh, so relaxing!

....another little road trip took us to Maryland again!
My sweet niece and her new family are renovating a gorgeous old house(well, gorgeous if you see the potential and I so do!) This ancient beauty comes equipped with fabulous widow frames(no panes), sweet flowering weeds in he back yard, perfectly weathered clapboard siding, all natural ventilation system(air flows freely through the holes in the floors and siding), vintage plumbing (none to speak of),mice, snakes, and several familes of bats nesting in the eves and loads of .....potential! I envy their spirit and talent to take on this project....can't wait to see it complete! It's going to be amazing!

...and finally just last week I sneaked away for the day to Pennsylvania farm country and visited The Renningers Extravaganza with my best gypsy pal Jill  You can see more of our adventure here.
So wow! Can you believe I squeezed all this in, in two weeks? Thanks for stopping by and sharing my little adventures....where are you off to in your car this summer?
oh and on the home front I have a bit of exciting news to can find out more about it here


  1. Busy two weeks but it looks to have been a fun-filled, busy two weeks. Gotta love summer!!

  2. Sounds like your just having a wonderful time!! I'm so ready to take a road trip myself....Blessings~~~Daphne

  3. You rock!!!!! Congrats on the magazine!


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