Friday, August 20, 2010

Flea Market Friday!

ummer is starting to wind down and I had to seriously be sure to hit my favorite Thursday hot spot this week.  I only have one more Thursday morning visit left, then it's back to school....oooh did I say that out loud? Ooops,  I keep telling myself I'm not going to stress.....ok done, no, stressing about school starting anymore!
So here's the story...I love top hats, but, I've never found one at market, at least one I could afford.  Just a few weeks ago our host Kecia, beat me out on one.....argh! She got there just a titch earlier than me that day.....she looks awesome in it though!   But not today.....I was cruising the tables and admiring this beautiful opera cape....(gorgeous black velvet trimmed in white fur) I spun around and there it was gleaming in the sun....
So I completely lost my composure and snatched up this felted 1954 top hat! I think the vendor could have asked a huge price, as it was so obvious that I "had to have it"! However she was sooo nice and gave it to me for a mere $18! Woo hoo! Finally I was the early bird....
I think if I had stopped shopping at that point I could have gone home with a giant grin on my face. But of course I didn't leave, I loaded up my cart with lace and buckles and tons of vintage fabric!
 I never did run into Kecia (I did text her to tease about getting the hat though...hee hee)  Met up with  Jill and goofed around  a bit...then headed home with my coveted top hat!..
This top hat obsession of my mine has led to a some really good thing happening I've incorporated my good news into my Silver Sunday giveaway gift! So stay tuned and check in on Sunday when the Silver Sunday giveaway prize will be divulged.  Don't forget to visit all the other flea market finds over at Kecia's place!  Happy Flea Market Friday!!!!


  1. Love that top hat on you! How lucky a find is that! Yippee!!

  2. Love the hat. From the smile on your face it looks like you had a great day!
    Happy weekend. ~ Sarah

  3. Hi Beth,
    I lovelovelove the TOP Hat and so does my Hubs, we would love to get him one, however it is hard to find one that is for large heads :( have a spectacular weekend my friend.


  4. ok, we are wearing our top hats to the next flea market that we attend together! you also forgot to mention that you were butt dialing me as well!

    thanks for playing, love all your goodies, which should have been mine had i gotten there earlier! heehee

  5. I believe I can say, in all my years of shopping, probably more than you are old, I don't believe I've ever seen a top hat. It's so cool! But now lace, buckles and vintage fabric, that I can relate to. LOL

  6. Such an awesome top hat! I love them, too. I found a sweet little accent lamp featuring a small black velvet one ~ I'll post about it a bit closer to Halloween!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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