Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Flea Market Friday and VBF and Vintage Inspiration Friday! 
I'm boohoo-ing this week...... just a little.... like baseball season Thursday morning fleamarketing is a seasonal sport for me.
Last week was my final Thursday morning excursion until Spring break 2011.  Thursday's are my favorite day to flea, somewhat peaceful, less crowded  and not so rushed but, alas, I'm now confined to Saturday and Sunday shopping with the masses....ho hum.
Here's some scenes from the final episode.
I bumped into some barn market neighbors....
The Riverton girls were out and about loading up with goodies.
So I piled the granny cart as full as it would go, circled back and picked up a few more things then waved goodbye to some of my favorite vendors....
even though it was a bit sad saying goodbye..... I have to share the most fabulous, better than my last flea market find, spectacular, vintage, black silk top hat.....I don't think it was ever worn just amazing! I am so
inspired by these beauties....what would life be without a little magic and mystery?
Can you believe it two weeks in a row....two top hats?  This happened to me before...I always wanted a silver loving cup champagne holder....didn't find one for years I mean I looked for years! Then one day, poof! I found one and in that same week I found 3 more. Same deal with the top hats....always wanted one, never found one, then poof! 2 in a row....wonder what I should wish for next?
Enjoy your last long weekend of summer....and be sure to check out VBF at the French Cupboard , Kecia's FleaMarket Friday  and  Vintage Inspiration Fridays 


  1. happy friday beth!

    dang - you got another top hat? hmmmmm, now i am really jealous! the pics are so cute with everyone waving goodbye, love it!

    thanks for playing!


  2. Hi Beth ~ OMG!! I swear I've met some of those very same vendors in CT. I hope you get to make a few more unexpected Thursday Fleas. Im traveling down to Cape May in a few weeks and hope to swing by Riverton on my way. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Great finds... but it's also about the friendships, isn't it? Love the top hat... sounds like Kecia might be a teeny bit jealous (I wonder exactly how many she's got?) :)

  4. Lucky! Wish there were flea markets on Thursday around here!!

  5. Beth, you are on a roll. Now I wonder what you'll do with this one?
    Cute post! ~ Sarah

  6. Hi Beth, oh what a luxury to go fleaing on a Thursday, you find such wonderful things. The top hat is just amazing, so much you can do with that! just "magical"! Thanks so much for joining in with the first VIF! Hope to see you next week!

  7. LOVe your top hat! Thanks so much for your sweet comment...and for "getting" me! I would be the squiggly one too! LOL

  8. Ooooo... I love that hat!! Of course, I'm a little nutty about old tophats. *smiles*

    I had to rein in my flea market shopping this week because Steve said, "You're spending Marburger money". That was all it took! I'd rather have the money for the trip. Can't believe it's almost time! And I can't wait!!

    Blessings... Polly

  9. Nice top hat there and I understand that hats are coming back in fashion for men too. My Dad used to wear a hat all the time when I was young but that was in the 40's and 50'. I think men and women in hats are way cool!

  10. The hat is charming. I always start finding stuff in multiples. Usually when I have less cash! olive♥

  11. Congratulations on your top hat find, Beth! I rarely saw one in such a great condition!

  12. Cool hat. I think you've started a collection! Got to find at least one more. It's so funny how we have a run on finding things sometimes. Never see it, never see it, never see it, then THERE'S ONE! And there's another, and another then.... We never see it, never see it, never see it...

  13. I looked for years too for a top hat for my husband for his halloween costume...finally bought on at a army salvage store....and not cheap either but he's gotten his money's worth.
    Sorry to hear your fleamarket is closing already. I love Fall but everything shuts down when a little cold weather comes.

  14. What a find. I'm sure if I owned this I would definitely wear it. Just the thing for a Scottish autumnal day!! Lynne M


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