Friday, February 18, 2011

Oddly Addicting

 Have you seen the show Oddities on Discovery Channel?....I just can't get enough! I stumbled upon it a couple months ago and I think I've seen every's just jaw dropping how bizarre some objects and people can be....I love that this it what makes the (my) world go 'round. 
Right before the show aired I actually visited Obscura where the show is filmed in the East Village while visiting my sister. It is the tiniest little space filled with the most amazing objects, rarities and curiosities. Every time you turn around you see something different.

creatures, masks and mannequins peaked out from all corners....

If you're ever in NYC you really should stop in and pay Mike and Evan a visit. 
Then the other day I was shopping at my local flea and I ran into one of the stars of my new favorite show! It was Evan and she was snatching up a the coolest hare or Jack rabbit.  She said it was going to be the Easter display at the shop...can't wait to see that episode.
Check out this teaser for the show....but fair warning it's addicting!

On a final note to this long post...sorry I'm on in an "odd" mood today.  I thought I'd throw in a few oddities of my own. Pics from my TX trip this past September. That I never got around to posting.

Anyone up for a perm? Yikes!

My Sweet Gypsy girl playing kissy face with a stuffed Buffalo

I couldn't believe the amount of mounted creatures we stumbled on......they were everywhere...animal safari in the pastures of TX.

I just can't discuss odd without mentoning my affinity for dolly heads....these sweet girls are from my friend TOT's booth at Marburger I just love her style!
Have a great weekend friends.....


  1. Oh my gosh, this is super cool...thanks for sharing this.

    Stephanie ♥

  2. i'm so bummed i missed Evan and that awesome Rabbit! i love the oddities you found in Texas and see that my love for creepy baby dolls isn't so strange after all (just odd.....)


  3. Will have to look for that show and maybe will make a pit stop to that store too.
    Yes love TOT's doll heads!

  4. I have been trying to catch this show since I saw the previews. My grandma has told me of getting a perm with that contraption! Cool pics! I love the baby heads on a spring but I gotta say those baby heads creep me out. I have watched way to many scary shows and have way too much of an active imagination to have those things in my house!

  5. Yep, I watch it every now and then. It IS addicting! I am always reminded of the episode where the guy comes in looking for a....straight...jacket.... :) Creepy but too funny!

  6. Oh how cute you some pictures of the girls! I loved those spring babies! Thanks for posting about them! I named them when I first posted about them, but can't remember their names now! lol!

    I love that show oddities, we watch it all the time!


  7. Buhu! Those doll heads are creepy. I didn't like dolls as a child. I trew them away as soon as I could make my own desiscions reality. I had teddy bears. I have just one rubber doll standing in the corner of my studio and looking very mischevious. In my sons closet I found an evil looking clown sitting on a shelf today, outside in the hall lays a doll bended over on the back, looking like a baby that has fallen. Creepy but still I can think they are gorgeous, but not in my home. Have too many ghosts here anyway /Therese

  8. I haven't seen this show, but it looks great! Thanks!
    And, I have to agree that some of the baby head displays are just a bit spookified!!!

  9. You are so right. This show is oddly addictive!

  10. That is my kind of fun right there! i Love oddities!

    thanks for sharing ! how fun!


  11. ah HA! I knew it was a fake! oh my gosh I was soooo into it and it was like 3 minutes. defiantly going to have to check the listing! Baby doll heads under glass too Frankenstein for me braHaha

  12. I guess I can't get that show in my area, I've searched and searched for it. Great pics. Are you girls coming back in the Spring to Texas? Sure hope so.

  13. Ive only caught one episode and I LOVED it!!! Crazy weird. I actually have that exact same mask photo (3rd one down) I took it at Brimfield last Fall - talk about bizzaro! I'll need to check out Obscurra soon ~ my kinda place.

  14. They certainly looks odd and a bit bizarre but they're all great stuffs!

  15. What a crazy store. The show sounds fantastic. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to check it out.

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Hi Beth,
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit and your kind words!! LOVE your blog..definitly gonna click the follow button....
    We have seen the show!! Havn't caught it in a while....
    You know the girl in the red skirt...(she's in your second and third pic's above!!).WE call her "The Campbell Soup Girl" She was OURS!!..They bought her from us!! What a hoot to see her again on your blog!!!
    Have a great night!!

  17. I love this Show too, the customers were often as interesting as what was being offered for sale! Alas, I could never remember when it was on so I haven't been able to see all of the episodes and now it is no longer on in our area. *le sigh* How lucky were you to actually visit the Shop in person. I was one of those kids that always adored the Addams Family House on the old TV Series, I could so imagine Morticia and Gomez shopping at a place like Obscura!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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