Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When life gives you keys......make earrings!

My pent-up creativity finally has had a chance to run free.  The school year is over....and now it's time to start bringing to fruition all those ideas that swirl around in my head for 10 months a year with nowhere to go.  I have to admit it was getting a bit full in there...bits and pieces of thoughts flying around everywhere....it was really not a good place to be. 

Since it's vacation time I thought it would be appropriate timing to use us some of the luggage keys I have piling up.  I created a new line of vacation earrings.  Ready to unlock your adventurous side this summer? Check out more of them in my etsy shop.

I also have delved into the piles of yummy fabric that I have been collecting for years to "use someday".  So I threw myself together a summer bag....I've been using it for a week now and I have to say it's almost like carrying around your blanky....so soft and easy on the shoulder...I found myself hugging it at the movies theater the other night.  Not so sure I should have divulged that but, oh well it's out there now.
 Hope you all have a wonderfully creative week


  1. LOVE the bag, love love love the earrings! So glad you were able to unleash the creative beast! ;) It feels so good to release all of the ideas doesn't it? t. xoxoox

  2. Clever idea with the keys! Love those earrings!

  3. Love your earrings and how you describe them to unlock the adventures of summer. Great bag you made. Happy Summer and Happy Creating...

  4. LOVE the key earrings! I love all kinds of keys too!
    Have a happy 4th!


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