Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm back on the bottle

......nooooo not that bottle!

I guess it's the time of year but I just love creating these spirited art bottles.
And once I start I just can't stop......

It's like creating a little story with each one......holding a secret, a potion or some sort of spell.
Well that's my break for to the studio!
PS....keep a look out for my front porch to be featured over on Gypsy Brocante this month...thanks Jill!


  1. They are gorgeous Beth, each one more fabulous than the next! i was sitting here nodding my head when you said they are like telling a story for each one. That is just how I felt when I was making them... you have just inspired me to warm up the sodering iron! t. xoxo

  2. Beth your bottles are gorgeous! I need to start creating something again.

  3. All your works on this bottles are so cute!!!

  4. Your art is so beautiful! I love looking at them close up, so much detail!

  5. I really enjoy what you've done with these bottles. I am kind of like that when I get on a roll with a certain kind of project, then I make multiples on a theme.
    These are great fun and imaginative.
    xoxo Kim

  6. These are beautiful...glad you are back on the bottle! Hee Hee!

  7. Oh my gosh Beth they are just amazing!! I love them !!
    Your porch is beautiful too :) You are inspiring me for fall decorating!

  8. Nice to "meet" you.Your porch was so welcoming.I would love to sit for awhile and get to know you.Oh yes, Your bottles are great,so much fun to make and relaxing too,I agree.

  9. I love your bottles! Of course, I love most everything you set your hand to. =)

    Blessings... polly

  10. I just found your sweet blog. Love the beautiful creations that you make. Very unique and nostalgic too. I am your newest follower. Have a great day.

  11. I found your blog this morning and I will be following you from now on! I love your work and the bottles are - well I would love one!

  12. I haven't seen those bottles around for a while and love love love them you did such a great job


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