Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm thinking....and of course that's not necessarily always a productive thing, in my case....I'm feeling a bit scattered and a little like I'm in fall harvest mode.    My mind seems to be going at a dizzying rate of speed lately, my hands are craving motion and will not be still...TO DO lists are made (in my head) while I sleep then up I go with a drive to get it all done now! does that happen?    Yard sales, flea market and an abundance of curb shopping I guess have sparked this frenzy. But with the cool weather still looming and feeling a bit autumnal I think I've slipped into squirrel mode....stashing, gathering and building in preparation for the long winter Spring shows.....somehow feels backwards but also true.... soooo...thought I would share some fruits of my labor with you all and ask..."am I the only one in this strange frenzy?"
 ..back to basics with keys and a gypsy twist of 
colorful beads and turkomen findings

Trenton Masonic religious medal
 ...two awesome pin finds this week aching transformed
 into funky neckware.
Junior Marksman National Rifle Association pin...

....more candy tin and tobacco tin earrings.

 Awesome buckle with pigmented tin type photo 
and an antique rosary cross and plum glass rosarie beads.

another sweet find was this huge lot of vintage metal chairs.....
just love the patina and metal cut work designs.
I even picked up 10 (yes, I had to buy all 10) antique tennis rackets
Just enough to last through a long cold Spring? See what I mean... I'm a freak!
Oh well I'm sure there are others like me out there (and I'd love to hear from you) and
if you're around the Philadelphia area next weekend stop by the CloverMarket and have a peak at my stash.....

thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I know I'm a little late with this post but boy has it been a busy couple weeks since we returned from Nashville.
Took off on a jet to visit my beautiful daughter and her family during Spring break.....yeah grandbabies! We took a day and visited Antique Archaeology the home of some of the American Pickers fab. finds.
The line was long, the sidewalk hot,  but here we are.
 Just about to go in......finally!

 live band!

 know I love me some creepy dolls! 
Mickey Gilley's boots.....I actually saw this episode.
This is the coolest little spot right next door....homemade flavored marshamallows and coffee.....YUMM!

Headed out for lunch at the Nashville farmers' Market had some delicious foodthen, took our tired doggies home!