Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I know I'm a little late with this post but boy has it been a busy couple weeks since we returned from Nashville.
Took off on a jet to visit my beautiful daughter and her family during Spring break.....yeah grandbabies! We took a day and visited Antique Archaeology the home of some of the American Pickers fab. finds.
The line was long, the sidewalk hot,  but here we are.
 Just about to go in......finally!

 live band!

 know I love me some creepy dolls! 
Mickey Gilley's boots.....I actually saw this episode.
This is the coolest little spot right next door....homemade flavored marshamallows and coffee.....YUMM!

Headed out for lunch at the Nashville farmers' Market had some delicious foodthen, took our tired doggies home!


  1. Wow,wonderful!! I just watched an episode last night! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics!

  2. Wow...their place looks amazing, how fun!
    Thanks for sharing and glad you had a nice trip!


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